Pics, Posts, and.......Profit?

Learn how a strong social presence can turn the tide for your brand.

Why is having a strong social presence important?

Imagine the iceberg analogy. Think of the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the water; that is paid advertising. Paid traffic is great because it’s scalable, and measurable, but that’s just the tip.

The bottom, and MUCH LARGER portion of the iceberg is the organic side of building a brand. Any organic growth such as search engine optimization, and quality social media take time to grow.

When someone scrolls through their news feed, they are constantly being shown content from all other pages they follow. Everyone wants to stand out. That is why it’s important to understand your audience. But most importantly, stay true to you and your business. It’s a simple, but lasting tactic. Authenticity tends to outlast any business model.


The consistency of posting on social media is what drives the algorithms on your favorite platforms.

It is designed to show the most trending and engaging posts in the feed based on your followers and interests.

Keep in mind, posting too much can be overwhelming for your audience; on the flip side, posting too little can be detrimental to your brand awareness and little to no one will see your content.

With our social management systems, we create posts based on data, trends, and what your audience reacts to the most.

Paid marketing or organic marketing aren’t necessarily better than the other. They both have pros and cons.

Organic brand building is usually the best way to go starting out with building an online presence even if you’re a million dollar company. Organic marketing has many areas that out-perform paid marketing. For instance, organic marketing is mostly cost-free. Facebook doesn’t charge you to post a picture or caption. Once you create a post, it’s visible forever or until you remove manually. Your posts, blogs, recipes, articles, forums, online flyers, videos, podcasts and any other form of relative content will stay up indefinitely. However, once you stop paying for an advertisement it’s no longer active and will not be visible to your audience.

Everyone wants to stand out. This is why it’s so important to understand your audience, but most importantly to stay true to you and your business. This is a simple, but lasting tactic that has worked for hundreds of businesses leveraging the power of having an online platform with a quality product.

Statistics About Social Media growing

55% of consumers have purchased something they discovered on social media. - Shopify

71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals. - HubSpot


Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Phase will be directed towards building and establishing the brand on the social mediums. Creating posts, all its media and copy within it, engagement with the audience, and fine tune our campaigns analytically. The public does not know who we are so we have to educate and entice their interests.

Fan Base Interaction

The Loyal Fan Base Interaction Phase will include actions such as engaging with the audience on a larger scale, posting interactive content, surveys, polls, contests, and more.

Call to Action

Third will be the Call to Action Phase. After people understand that we are an authority brand, they trust the brand or the individual(for personal branding) they will be more likely to execute a call to action, or purchase.

The Ominous Phase

Finally The Ominous Phase is after you have gained a deep understanding of your following audience, they know who you are, they know what to expect, they know what you're about, they know what you do, and most importantly they trust you. So to take your social presence to the next level, we establish other channels to gain omnipresence - existing everywhere at the same time.

Important Key Points

With all of the stages put together, the end result should look like having a strong loyal following by putting out quality content and services, we are building an audience with trust that will last a long time. 

The goal is to ultimately drive sales, but with building an emotional communication with quality social media to those sales is going to drive longevity and higher lifetime values. 

With our social management systems, we create posts based on data, trends, and what your audience reacts to the most.  

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