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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of ranking your website at the top of search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Studies show that at almost 96% of traffic that funnel through the search engines, click on the first seven sites on the first page or the SERP(search engine results page.)

How SEO works

Search engines generate results by sophisticated algorithms that “crawl” through millions of web pages, pdf's, links, blogs, and videos that identify which website is the most appropriate (popularity, credibility, age of site, and backlinks to name a few) for what the user specifically types in the search bar.

Search engines like Google are always evolving the algorithms to serve the user in the best way possible.

Your site is ranked based on the words typed in the search bar. So, for example, someone types "Insurance near me," your site may place at the top. If someone else types "cheap life insurance," your site may only place near the bottom. Depending on the keywords used to complete the search will determine your rankings.

Why SEO is imortant

Remember that statistic earlier? Roughly 96% of traffic that comes through the search engines click on the first seven results on the first page of the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). However, only 0.8% of traffic goes to the second page of most search engines. As a result, people are more likely to click on your website if it is at the top, so they don't have to keep searching. SEO is primarily free; it just requires a little more tender love and care and is not a set and forget.

4 Major points to rise in the rankings

There are many ways to help grow your website's popularity within the search engines, but these are the major contributors to a successful website's rankings.

User Experience

Keyword Updates

Conversion Friendly

Engaging Content

User Experience

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. UX best practices promote improving the user's interaction with, and perceptions of, your product and any related services.

The #1 one thing we keep in mind when designing any
user experience is that the visitor
is trying to solve a problem.

It's all based on the consumer.

what makes excellent
user experience to help rankings?

Solves a problem &
fulfills the users goals

Entertains, Engages,
& Educates

Easy & Pleasant
to Use Interface(UI)

How do we create a pleasant user experience?

During our analysis, we look over what is called information architecture. These are the words, paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, captions, everything you’re reading now, and most importantly, how it is structured. We put ourselves in the consumer's shoes and ask, what is the website about? What does the business have to offer? Can they solve my problem? Remember, it's all based on the consumer.

From the time we were young, we were taught to read from left to right. This is important when you think about how a first-time visitor loads your website. Where are they usually going to look first? You guessed it, the top left or top center. Most websites are like this. Even though occasionally, somebody wants an elaborate website with beautiful content boxes and intricate animations, it may not always be the best way for your visitor to digest information. We can assess that fundamental human understanding and still give your website a unique layout (even with some of those elaborate animations). Depending on the website and business, we can lay out information strategically, so the consumer will know within seconds if this is the place for them.

Usability is the second most crucial aspect of a pleasant user experience. We have all clicked on a website, button or link that doesn't work. You might even fill out a form and receive an error message. Maybe the website is super slow, so you get bored and impatient and go back to the SERP and find another website that will load faster.

Walmart increased online conversions by 5% through optimizing and increasing its website's page speed. That may not sound like a lot, but for a big company like Walmart, that's millions of dollars. Google's indexing algorithms take these factors into consideration when ranking your website. All of these issues can be very frustrating for visitors and can cause them to leave and go to a competitor.

Updating Keywords

Updating keywords is a well-known tactic in the digital marketing industry. Keywords are the skeleton of your websites; they are the words that make up the copy of your website.

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Components included in indexing (aka the instant process that Google uses to rank your website) are titles, headings, subheadings, alternate texts, meta-titles, and meta-descriptions, just to name a few.

The old way was to add as many relevant keywords to your website as possible. With Google's new algorithms, the indexing process considers quality websites and their ranking within the search engines. Updating these keywords will provide your website with the most relevant content, which results in higher rankings. Updating and researching trending keywords can be a long, tedious process and can require some trial, error, and testing. Overall this can have a massive impact on your site's popularity.


Optimizing your website for conversions is something that generally gets neglected when developing or redesigning a website.

When someone lands on your website coming from a search engine, they are usually in search of a solution. Your Google listing brought them there, and they feel like your site is an excellent candidate to solve their problem.

Imagine, they arrive at your site, see your logo, business information, pictures of products and staff, the company story the whole nine yards, BUT there is no clear cut way for the visitor to buy once they have made a decision. Maybe they have to click a tiny link at the bottom of the page or even something as simple as navigating to a whole different page to complete a transaction.

The bottom line is that it feels inconvenient for the user, they get distracted, even irritated, and continue their search on other web pages. This is DETRIMENTAL to your goals of an excellent user experience.

Not having your site optimized for conversions is the equivalent to a salesman not knowing how to charge the customer for their service.

Factors that directly effect your conversions are factors that effect your rankings. Does your website take a little extra time to load? Slow website load speeds effect rankings. Is your website crowded with animations and effects? Although animations are cool and quirky, they do add extra coding to the website.

Too many animations = too much code = too much code for servers to read = slow load times.

It happens more often than you think.

Updating with Engaging Content

Having content on your website other than product information and service descriptions can add more variety to your sites, resulting in more keywords that go back around to higher rankings. For example, adding blogs is a great way to sprinkle more content and more keywords and your website. Another example can be adding news articles that relate to your industry. Trending content is a great way to boost your rankings in search engines.

I hope now you can see the importance of having continuous SEO services to help grow your business offsite.

Statistics on How a Search engine
optimization can work for you

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. - Hubspot

80% of major purchases start with online research, even if the purchase itself happens in a store. - fierceretail.com

Conversion rates fall by 7% for every extra second that it takes your website to load. - Backlinko

search engines
evolve &
so should your

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