Our Mission

Our mission at Lionart Marketing is to provide businesses with top-quality marketing services, to get amplified results through a custom experience designed especially for you and your goals. We strive to eliminate the confusion of navigating digital marketing alone, and give you the tools you need to create an online presence for your business. It’s simple, we are here to help YOU succeed and exceed your goals.

Our Story

Lionart Marketing is a digital marketing and web design agency with a purpose to help small businesses develop an online brand, Connect with the Community, and ultimately drive sales.

We were founded in 2019 by Austin Wilcoxson. We are a family owned company and local to Kentuckiana. We are grown significantly over the last several years due to an excellent word of mouth. We help our clients achieve results I maintain five star ratings on online sites such as Facebook and Google.

The reason we maintain these ratings a sample. We take care of people not projects. This not only and our opinion is the right way to do things and just makes good business sense. We are not only about advertising, we also offer social media management search engine optimization, and strategic advertising. We strive for the best customer service possible we do this in three major ways:

Our designers and strategists
Our products and software
Our communication with our customers

In addition to those three major points, we are 100% debt-free. We own all of our computers, cameras, and technology. This helps us keep our prices low and prevent us from transferring any overhead costs our customers.